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the controversial new nation state law we are here to send a quick an a for message to the israeli government we will not settle down for anything less than equal rights as an israeli citizen. we feel we've been betrayed by the government. we don't understand how like this will have been taken in didn't look at it and they move at this step like is that we like this state we are fighting for the peace of this state up the legislation which was adopted back in july has similar way to a constitutional amendment in the u.s. it would be very difficult to repeal and in shrines israel as the home of the jewish people and says national self-determination is the unique rights of the jews it also downgrades arabic stripping the language of its official status now the law
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is officially largely symbolic it's been widely criticized though as it's believed it will legitimize the treatment of non jews as second class citizens this saturday as protest has been organized by druze community leaders. have historically been considered these early states most loyal group with the sex members serving in the police military as well as holding political office they say you know the legislation has driven a wedge through the special relationship one druze leader has even said the law paves the way to israel becoming an apartheid state this nation state law is an evil and sadistic law designed to allow the state of israel to become an apartheid state some members of the knesset including members of prime minister netanyahu is ruling likud party have also lambaste that the controversial law but he said back calling its critics hypocrites and claiming the law doesn't infringe on the rights of minorities. this quote there are suggestions that we should change the flag and
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the anthem in the name. but first of all in the state of israel it is something that undermines the foundation of our existence for this reason the attacks on the left are circles that define themselves as absurd and reveals the depths to which the left has fallen left when we're not ashamed of zionism we're proud of our state of being the national home for the jewish people which strictly. in a manner that is without the individual rights of all its citizens. we were joined by guests on both sides of the debate to discuss the changes to the law to state belong to the jews and of course all the citizens but it is the whole and state the whole and all of the state of the jews. why anybody would protest against is the democratic decision that has been made by the majority of the population in any state and i you know i look on the flags of europe frags which we're speaking about
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flags of our. our our signs and symbols in this state you can find so many states with the cross on the flags nobody objected big states surrounding us are you slamming states nobody protest against it why is this wave of protect protest is is made against the jewish state this is the only democratic state in all this region mejor all answer me this question please well the whole thing is a controversy about this law there is nothing good actually about this law this law in first place doesn't include elements which is essential for having a proper a normal life in this country as it is more twenty percent of the society in
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israel is not jewish and no way it's transfer all those who are not jews second class citizens after this law and that were for this law doesn't suit their israeli society doesn't the communities within the states who are part of the society and want to remain and to feel as israelis and therefore this lho has to be removed. and attack on the venezuelan president nicolas maduro has been carried out during a speech marking the eighty first anniversary of the country's national guard the government says some of those behind the assassination attempts have already been detained. you know the. two explosions occurred at the event after which the live transmission of the
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speech was interrupted last came from drones with explosives seven venezuelan soldiers were injured in the attack president maduro was on hometown has been evacuated from the scene and the group called the flannels soldiers has claimed responsibility for the assault. has not yet been officially verified. we spoke earlier to gregory will puts author and co-founder of venezuela analysis dot com he believes the attackers may have used drones to help cover their tracks. this is the first time an actual explosion happened grow very close to the president and so that's that's what's really new everything that struck me about this this attack though is that since it was kind of cowardly i would say i mean growing as a remote controlled third difficult to trace back to who actually did the target i think that's something also about all of the sectors that were organizing this they obviously weren't sure that this would be successful and therefore didn't want to take any chances to get caught and like you know it would have been that's
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a sniper or something like that it would have been probably more easily easy to trace to the attacker than. a woman wearing a muslim full face veil in denmark has become the first person to be fined since a controversial new law came into effect there the ban came into force last wednesday that outlaws the wearing a full face veil such as the book on the niqab in public police also have new powers to instruct women to remove their veils all asked them to leave public spaces fines range from a hundred thirty euros for first time offenders to ten times more in other cases muslims count in my couple around five percent of the mercs population of protests against the new law have taken place in a number of cities across the country in the capital hundreds gathered in solidarity with the muslim community wearing veils and full face mosques. we are pushing people out of homicide scenes that have been too great saying and making our society able to to absorb all kind of people we have pushing them out the fact
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that you could actually make a law. specifically targeted some minorities extremists and if we don't do anything about it now i don't know where you will end like what will the next will be i think we should focus more on trying to understand different cultures and. not allowing them to be a part of our society and there are limitations on wearing a full face veils in public areas in other e.u. states france was the first to impose full a. back in twenty eleven other countries spying in the netherlands and it's we have also introduced partial biomes outside the e.u. turkey's got a partial ban as well that's the spot being a muslim majority country we spoke with a muslim woman affected by the new danish but she thinks that globally further isolates the community they argue that it's going to integrate into society even more but the reality is that many of us we used to go to school we were as after this law we can't go to school we can't work anymore we think possible for us to be
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a part of society now that we're criminalized we're actual criminals so we think it's a part of a bigger picture of the kid that includes trying to discriminate against muslims take away the rights of muslims by going after a minority within a minority in the muslim community such as the women who choose to wear the op as muslim women are from women in dialogue we made the decision that we're going to keep away than the op we are not ready to throw everything that we believe in in order to fit this description that they're trying to make of what it in each person is the discrimination of the hate crime against muslim women is going to rise so much as a result of this law so not only is it not going to work in accordance to the intentions that it was made for which was inclusion but it's also going to further hate crime against muslim women's political analyst the call america which thinks that mark's more against the veils is aimed at radical muslims. i think this is of sowing the message this is the danes want to show
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a message to the muslim community that i think they're willing to integrate muslims in the community i think there's no doubt about that but they are definitely against the extreme type of islam that is developing in the what should be type of islam that is developing strongly within the muslim world although over the world and particularly in europe and which is again building a parallel society by what kind of message are these women giving it to other women by putting a program which is going to hide the totality of their their body we're not talking about a headscarf we're not talking about people who practice islam we're talking about people who are practically as some people work in taliban societies in the most strict societies in islam today and the danes are just saying that they do not want that type of islam in denmark so i think it's not an attack against the muslim community it's an attack against that extremist fringe of them slim community which
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definitely does not want to integrate into the european society but wants to build a parallel society. turkey's vowed to retaliate against the u.s. after washington post sanctions on two officials in ankara over the detention of an american pastor. with these measures the united states has shown a real lack of respect for turkey we've shown patience and to yesterday evening turkey will not be disciplined with this understanding and approach on wednesday the trumpet ministrations slapped economic sanctions on two senior turkish officials and said any property they have in the us will be blocked in response he said it will introduce sanctions of its own targeting to as yet unnamed u.s. officials besides blocking their assets and also says those targeted will be prevented from doing business with turkey and the pastor at the center of the dispute is andrew brunson it was detained back in twenty sixteen in connection with an attempted coup against president obama's government that year is accused of
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espionage and assisting terrorist groups a deal between the u.s. and turkey to secure the evangelical pastors release broke down last month ransom was then transferred to house arrest over health concerns he's still facing thirty five years in jail if found guilty that's led to a heated dispute between the u.s. and turkey. president aired a one in the turkish government i have a message on behalf of the president of the united states of america release pastor andrew bronson now or be prepared to face the consequences approaching us with this kind of threatening language will not benefit anyone it is not suitable to use such language against a country like turkey which is still cooperating with nato to the highest level but we have learned a lot of problems with the and there are americans and turkey where this bronson issue will be tribal issue and americans try to oppress turkey in order to
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negotiate or are there things this is a speck out of the hell out of the problems with the in america and turkey especially footlocker more money and all sorts. of. fighters in syria why does the pastor branson is a very important for americans and we cannot understand that maybe because this is related to. american elections coming elections in november but india and. you know we're exempt any threats from any country because there's interbank of the country and we have you know there's a d.p. story in there and i think they will negotiate with americans and they will. find a solution. for almost seventeen years now since the united states began its battle
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against the afghan opium trade billions of dollars have been spent during that time but what results have been hugo stuff takes a look. this is what an opium poppy looks like just ahead of these is enough to produce enough heroin to keep an addict on the needle for more than five years now that i have your attention in afghanistan in the past year alone poppy cultivation levels swelled by over sixty percent a record of more than three hundred thousand hectares with a farm gate value of almost one point four billion dollars this is the main revenue stream for the taliban's war against the u.s. forces in the country and one recent study says the u.s. is putting this money into its enemies pockets itself in some areas development programs inadvertently supported poppy production one example of this was the rehabilitation and development over geishas systems when the u.s. invested in afghanistan's agriculture and irrigation they hoped farmers would swap
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from growing poppies for more conventional crops and in some cases it worked a whole lot we felt it had maybe no thought i would. get on a. voyage other therapies hold up. all the protocol get a fact you know that they don't care enough to fill it out much. more clearly very volatile is a product out there that the idea hunter normal had by him i thought afghanistan but i didn't see the. question but while some learned about growing grapes others took the chance to boost their poppy harvest usaid spent more than two billion dollars on have going to grow a culture since two thousand and two including tens of millions funneled into the taliban's heroin business.
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and if these. some surprise you they shouldn't after all it's just a small chunk in the billions of american tax dollars frittered away waste which washington itself admits to as i.g.a. are has identified up to fifteen point five billion in waste fraud abuse and failed reconstruction efforts since its inception in two thousand and eight through december thirty first twenty seventeen when you look at an occupation that is spending hundreds of billions of dollars a year after year and you look at a couple billion dollars misspent on drug eradication and you can't really call that every effort you know ninety nine percent of the effort is going into the use of bombs and guns i would love for the united states to launch a war on global peace sustainability happiness and joy maybe we would get more of
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those things certainly yet in the opposite of the of the stated intention is the norm not an exception here the u.s. is waging many alternative wars the war on terrorism the war on drugs but in afghanistan they appear to be shooting themselves in the foot in both cases. a homeless man living in spain who was coerced into having a stranger's name tattooed on his forehead so the cruel joke has actually helped to turn his life around for the better after the case gained widespread attention. i was going to come on this for food or drink obviously and. british guy
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who have some part of the front. up to me and for me my first appearance but was this. my intention and he said i'm going to pay one hundred euro if you're going to throw something more on your fourth. i didn't know what is it because i was drunk. we created a go front me page we collected more than three thousand euros already at the beginning it was only two raised a tattoo but we know that tomic has problems walking because he walks from poland so we don't know if it's his hips or knees so they stop too near the benidorm clinic will take him over for free and they will also organize series to talk to by laser. from the time to
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try to help and my life through it's like one hundred eighty degrees. you know up to two months because it took two months to the case it's like a bomb. and i don't want to interest me everyone want to help me i want to upset about those people who. nearly five thirty am here in moscow that's it from us for the saudis to join us again in half an hour for the latest global news updates.
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welcome to worlds apart the united states and the philippines have a curious history together once a colony down a staunch military ally but heelys now trying to take steps to redefine and rebalance its relationship with washington and by extension some of its friends and foes how is it going so far well to discuss that i'm now joined by alan peter cayetano secretary of foreign affairs of the philippines secretary it's
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a great pleasure great aunt are welcoming me here in the studio thank you very much for coming on the honor's mind thank you very much for having me now your visit to moscow comes at a time when. you can't even describe the relationship between russia and the united states intelligence i mean it's a it's a big mess and i don't think we can even put some label on it i wonder if you believe this trip of yours will be noticed in washington where the friends in need their friends in the russia the russian federation president putin came today the philippines while we were fighting terrorists and i'm are we and we owe it to russia to also come and show our friendship whether there are world issues or not being discussed our bilateral relationship is strong and we want it to be stronger now let's discuss your relationship with the united states first because
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obviously it has a much longer history then your relationship with russia i heard you compare your relationship with washington to that of a family with a kid who came of age and wants to charge he's or her own. path which means meeting with people that apparently do not necessarily approve of and do you yourself come from a very well placed family i'm sure you on earth you have carrots requests and everybody else's is that how the philippines relates to the united states these days well my father a filipino from the smallest town in metro manila and my mother is an american and my mother and my father loves my mother very much but always said that the americans cannot dictate to the filipinos what to do and it's up to the filipinos to chart their own destiny precedent that there comes from this generation of appreciating the history noting that there were no points in the history times that
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we were taken advantage off but noting also that the strong military ties and the aid and the help and the people to people relationship there's three point five million filipino americans or filipinos in the in the u.s. having said that you know it's like you love your parents but they can dictate your life to you and solidity but the secretary i think in every functioning family the parents remain the authority figures even after the children leave the house this is what i'm trying to get from you how much of of an authority you vast in the preferences in it in the opinions of the united states at this point of time well that's precisely what we want to change you know we we will not swallow hook line and sinker that we have called one or the same interest when our interests they verge we will pursue what they see in our best interest when their common interests we should pursue it but gone are the days when anything that the
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west or. american to say is good for us you know we're not in the cold war i came from well some people say we are in in an even worse period then. coley there you go there are students today students for international relations from the cold war mentality we should have the coldplay mentality you know and it's all about fixing ourselves about you know seeing the light and being honest with each other we live in a multi-polar world and the u.s. and other great powers have to find its place in the new world order now this new policy of independence is associated first and foremost with president ready to detect the who judging from polls remains quite popular among your country man but as you yourself never tire of saying the philippines is a democracy and therefore can elect somebody with a totally different vision help us understand here how much of the current post is
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tied directly to the president his personality and how much of it is institutionally driven that will outlast him well in the sense that precedent that that made no gave no illusions and during the campaign said this is how i'll treat china this is how i will treat the u.s. i don't want any one dictating upon the filipino people i'm accountable only to the philippine no people so in that sense it's very institutional in the sense that it's very personal it's really the president under our constitution that dictates foreign policy but our constitution says in the pendent foreign policy meaning a foreign policy for us but in the past we've always said whatever the u.s. or the west that's right for what is your sense of your own people's desires do you think that kind of irene taishan is going to stand for longer than four years that
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he has it now my godfather was always telling me in the time that we had walkmans if you ask anyone do you want an i pad no one will say i want the night but because you didn't know what it is' he didn't know what i tunes to us so. you know we're now discovering what the independent foreign policy is what it is to have mature friendship with the us what the leading them that we want a mature relationship with russia we have a dispute with china but still we want the relationship with china and the rest of the world so it's too early to tell but i can say there's a lot of excitement there'll be a lot of benefits for the chinese people the filipino people the russian people we have a lot of chinese filipinos but when the former president went again to china they were just quiet so now there are some noise there are some people who are quiet in the u.s. but they know that the people to people relationship you know but still different from the international that relationship of state to state now there is an asking
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you because the philippines is definitely not alone in adopting this more versatile foreign policy what you say is very similar to how for example the pakistanis. describe their relationship bed the united states and other actors so it doesn't look like a broader trend the question is and it is often asked by our american colleagues is whether it is likely to make asia more or less stable i mansour question by a direct example so you talk to the americans and they saying they're increasing their press and in the south china sea and in a sea because. the chinese are also getting more aggressive in building some defensive posture and putting military assets on some features in the south china sea and according to the americans the sea lanes there are too important for world com worse you talk to the chinese they'll tell you that seventy percent of their economy passes through that channel and commerce is too important to that so both
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are saying the same thing but from an opposite point of view so what do we do if filipinos will be pro chinese are doing be pro america or do without both of them were pro filipina and. you guys have to talk and work out this region. so that the us in a sea and the philippines will be caught in between so i think it's not just a trend it's really difficult not to be caught in between especially as town just but it's not the cold war anymore there's no left and right if you're right in the wrong or evil and good you know it's a multi-polar world you have bilateral relationships you have multilateral relationships you have transnational crimes you have that arisen so you know we have to get we have to find a way not only to live with each other but to find the world order where all of us have an opportunity for great and i ask you though we just discussed a little bit the complexity of your relationship with the united states how you try
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to rebalance it while retaining the positives i'm sure your relationship with china i mean it follows a different trajectory but you would agree perhaps that the choreography of that is just as complex and challenging on a personal level on professional level who do you find more challenging the americans or the chinese when you negotiate. oh well as i said in think back in the u.s. the americans are parents but we're saying we're off to college and allow us to pick our own friends the chinese our roommate you know they're close neighbors so regardless what we do with each other and how we three. it's going to affect our economy our people are security. you know so the. be complexity comes in not in the bilateral relationship but in the overall. regional and world grieve agrees and in the world order so it's equally. challenging but we are speaking this frankly to our american counterparts and to the members of the
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u.s. congress who care about the philippines and we think to a frank discussion you know we'll get somewhere now you just mentioned your talk at the council on foreign relate. last year and in that talk you also suggested that the russians i beat cautious in pursuing a relationship with the philippines because of the says deeply ingrained called war perception of your country as a very very close american associate not even an ally it would say and i think more like an associate more and eight how far have moscow and many gotten. have in practical terms my perception is that both in moscow and manila there were policy makers who say you know take it a step at a time be cautious this just might be a connection between press and then within and press have been there or very good talks between prime minister medvedev and president there you know but from that
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time on you know we have had for example we were buying arms from the u.s. and because certain members of congress were making noise about alleged human rights violation you know when we need that the most it was in there but here comes china and here comes russia despite policymakers in beijing and moscow saying let's be careful let's see what's happening you know took a leap of faith and came to manila don't get me wrong the u.s. also helped us in the we and the australians the japanese you know and we appreciate this but what we're saying is that we want that much your real friendship we may be a smaller country that friendship also has a material benefit. is all it said not only friendship but also not that far away i mean russia or not and i have a perfect question for you on the subject because i think you have some very funny
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